May 20, 2018 *This picture shows EXACTLY where the pop/thump noise/feeling is ... the doors in the venting air box are controlled by steeper motors... on my.... Three, could air pockets cause this noise? It surely sounds mechanical like mechanical slippage, but there is no feedback through the steering wheel or "skipping".... Sep 26, 2017 My Air Conditioner Stopped Working After Making a Popping Sound ... breaker or fuse box to check the circuit that controls your air conditioner.. Popping Noise from the Front Passenger Side Coupe and Convertible General ... Then I emptied my glove box to avoid such a noise. ... Both doors rattle over bumps, sounds like it's coming from inside the doors, as well as the air vents.. "Popping" noise can be rich running and Cat getting hotter, would also set the ... The O2 heaters are powered by fuse #3 in engine fuse box, but all 3 share that.... Jul 28, 2010 Sometimes as im driving, i hear a random popping noise in my dash, or what appears ... do you guys have the dash indent? by the air bag? ... my sun glasses were hitting the inside of the glove box lol ,, hope its nothing bad .. Jul 28, 2015 I've checked the fuel pump and that was fine. Changed the spark plugs and put in Heet, no help. Air filter is clean. I know nothing about cars so.... Mar 6, 2017 Code P1273 relates to the air fuel ratio sensor. The reason this code is being triggered is likely a result of the hole in the air box creating an.... Feb 3, 2012 Ford Powerstroke 03-07 6.0L - Popping sound an black smoke - Ok so ... the popping sound seemed to be coming from the Air box checked the.... Nov 23, 2020 The hose ends under the air box and in a tight space. ... If the idle mixture is too rich you will get a slight popping noise in the exhaust while.... Aug 14, 2016 2015 GT350 Intake Swap, popping sound. Thread starter ... it is driving me nuts, every time I turn the car off, their is a popping noise, like air, from the intake.. Did I switch ... If you had a closed air box, you wouldn't really hear it.. But other snapping, popping, or crackling noises in buildings can be an annoyance. ... can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. ... CLICKING SOUNDS from air conditioner or heat pump system. Jun 7, 2019 The sound can be described as popping sound in a sequence (3-4... ... I have recently done an oil change, replaced air filter, and spark plugs are relatively new. ... The part number on the box of the auxiliary fuel pump has not.... Sep 17, 2020 Popping Noise After Parking - 2020 AWD ... Ya, if Ford directed the rain runoff from the windshield onto the air box and wiring connectors, why... 538a28228e

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